Lipoglaze is the new Safe and Effective Fat Reduction Treatment for Men and Women – now available in Bangor.

Loveshape in Bangor bring to you Lipoglaze, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction that is placed on the desired area of your body that cools and destroys fat cells to resculpt body contours.

Lipoglaze is a safe and effective way to target stubborn areas, you will experience a cold feeling, which means that the fat cells are crystallising and breaking down (this is called apoptosis).

The fat cells are eliminated naturally which can take up to 8 weeks to take full effect and for the results to show.  The treatment has FDA approval and training received from Harley Street London Technicians.

lipoglaze services

Lipoglaze services

Loveshape introduces Lipoglaze to North Wales. Our clinic in Bangor offers a range of non-surgical, fat-reduction treatments endorsed by celebrities.

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lipoglaze before after pictures

Before and after Lipoglaze pictures

Lipoglaze is a safe and great fat loss treatment. Here we have a selection of some of our clients’ before and after Lipoglaze treatment pictures.

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LipoGlaze can destroy on average 26% of fat in one treatment.

The latest innovation for fat reduction.


Non-invasive treatment, which works by freezing fat cells away.


Clinical trials show an average of 33% fat reduction in other patients.


Reduces the need for high risk surgery.


Treatment is suitable for men and women.


Helps to remove those stubborn areas of fat that don’t work with exercise and diet.


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